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Dan Patch American Legion

Dan Patch Legion

By Mitzi Beliveau

I went to Dan Patch AmericanLegion to watch a friend entertain there. I went to Dan Patch American Legion a few times. I found this American Legion to be relaxing and friendly, with great food and fantastic music on the weekends. In the town of Savage, Minnesota.

This place reminded me of an old tv show, where everyone knows your name. That is because on wait staff there remembers what you order—a dedicated employee who works hard during the shortage of help everywhere. The Manager was working the bar, defiantly a solid worker for picking any slack and keeping everyone happy.

I found Dan Patch Legion also has a few tables that are a hideaway for a romantic dinner for two.

There was also plenty of room for large groups and parties. There are two dividers that I could see to separate rooms. Or open it bigger depending on the crowd or the need. How awesome is that?

It was late evening, so I did not know eat much, but what I had was good at a reasonable price.

It is also one of the few places I feel safe. Just the right about of people were there in the early spring. I know they have food specials, and I can imagine a whole house depending on the event. Take your family there during the day—parking in the small parking lot and the street. In the evening bring friends and party events there. Yes, host a party there. They have it all. Spend your money here; it goes to the vets.

Here are the links

Band, The Paul Steward Show Link

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