SPARKS Affordable Automotive

SPARKS Affordable Automotive

By Mitzi Beliveau

As I went in to get an oil change for my car this morning, I went to SPARKS Affordable Automotive in North Saint Paul, Minnesota. Anyone who has a car from time to time might go to their local auto shop to look at their vehicle.

I found the most friendly and fun place to go. You can hear laughter from the staff that works there. First, I was greeted with a warm welcome. I had an appointment but was early. I sat after giving my keys.

The auto shop’s local dog was ready to go from the office to the back office. One of the front desk staff asked us if anyone was frightened of the dog. I said I would greet him and pet him. Of course, the dog and I got alone. SPARKS Affordable Automotive had a dog there.

The auto shop dog was friendly and was ready to greet anyone there. I have to say, anyone, who loves animals you will find are happy people. From the minute I stepped into the shop, the staff treated everyone with respect—some who came in repeated customers.

It didn’t take long, and the oil change was done for my car, and I was on my way. One of the best auto shops I have been to in a while. No added charges, no added work; they just did what needed to be done. I would recommend this small local business to anyone. I will be back for all my car needs. SPARKS Affordable Automotive in North Saint Paul, Minnesota, won my heart and loyalty.

You can find out more about them on their websites.


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