Marcel Vidovic

Marcel Vidovic

By Mitzi Beliveau

The First time I met Marcel Vidovic, I was at a conference with some friends. The friendly person that I am, I asked Marcel, whom all of his friends call him, what did he do for a living? Marcel went on to tell me the most exciting job he did in the business he owns. Marcel told me he is in a partnership with others with real estate appraisers. The company is called Gerald Alcock Co., LLC. Marcel’s main office is in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The business was once started in 1977 by the original owner Geralk Alcock. Marcel’s specialty is hotels for about 23 years. According to the website http://geraldalcock.com/ .

“The lodging department performs assignments throughout the US and is currently licensed in ten states including Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Georgia, Arizona, Utah, Oregon and California. Past assignments have extended from Connecticut to Hawaii.

Over the past five years we have performed over 500 hotel valuations totaling over two billion dollars in value. The properties range from small economy motels to a wide variety of limited-service, bed & breakfast, extended stay, select service, guest ranch, large full-service conference centers and resorts. The majority are franchised properties but some are non-franchise boutique style hotels.” http://geraldalcock.com/

Marcel said he loves the one-on-one contact with owners, managers, and other representatives he works with when doing a commercial appraisal—meeting many people and cultures from every walk of life.

Marcel also works with the banks and financial institutions, giving estimates to the values of the hotels. Sometimes Marcel works with the financial or bookkeeper of the hotel or motel business. Occasionally Marcel works with attorneys.

I found Marcel to be pleasant, warm, compassionate, confident and very knowledgeable in what he does. I definitely would recommend Marcel and his partners for big or small motels and hotel businesses.

You can find out more information on the links below.

http://geraldalcock.com/  2 offices, one in Calf


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