UFO Classified with Erica Lukes

UFO Classified with Erica Lukes

By Mitzi Beliveau

I first met Erica Lukes when my common law husband Craig R. Lang died. Erica as her friends call her contacted me asking me if I was all right? Erica was also one of two people who had talked at a memorial the Minnesota MUFON held live and via the internet. The recording is left on Minnesota MUFON website.

I enjoy listening to Erica podcast, UFO Classified with Erica Lukes.

I found Erica very heart felt and wanting to get answers for anything she was investigating. Erica was once in MUFON as a state director in the state of Utah and investigated all over the world with many contact and friendships in the Ufology community. My dear Craig said Erica did not stop till she got the truth. He was right!

I have grown to know that to be true. Erica interviewed me about what happen to Craig’s death and what lead up to his death months before. This is the same thing I see in her podcast shows. Interviewing people with poise and respect. Taking on the questions others would tip-tow around. With confidence and humility Erica finds the answers about any story she does.  

I’m not saying Erica is a push-over, contraire, Erica has a way of interviewing people and making them feel conformable answering tough questions and getting to the bottom of the story. I also know Erica does her homework and investigating before she interviews people who are her guest.

Congratulations, Erica Lukes, for a great podcast of Ufology and real personal stories behind it. My go to place for truthful information on Paranormal and Ufology.

You can find out more about Ufology by tuning in to Erica Lukes podcast show; UFO Classified with Erica Lukes and other links below.






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