Halo’s Restaurant Bar

Halo’s Restaurant Bar

By Mitzi Beliveau

A friend of mine is having a Musical Jam Session at a new place that was open about a year now. My friend’s band Lady J Griot & the Root Doctors was the host band at Halo’s Restaurant Bar in Fridley, Minnesota in the old VFW build. I have been going here over a year. What a great place for great music.

As I walked in I could see the new remodeling inside and was greeted by the owner with a friendly smile that was masked! I loved the new remodeling. It looked more open and welcoming. It was a cold winter night, but Halo’s Restaurant Bar was warm and friendly inside.

Many of my friends were there and said they love the food and service at Halo’s Restaurant Bar. I felt very COVID safe there. Lots of distance between tables.

The food was the best of all. I ordered from the menu Tacos with steak meat and a Taco Salad with chicken! The food had great presentations, but my taste buds were in heaven. Lightly spiced foods that complemented the foods and not overbearing. 

The taco came with four soft small taco shells and lime slices on the side. Just the right size bits of steak bites and the right spices. Truely an authentic Mexican food. I shared with some of my friends Halo’s Restaurant Bar appetizers, onion rings and mozzarella bites. Very good and good portion size. I then had a new item called taco salad. It is not your typical taco salad, you can have it with several different kinds of meat. I had the taco salad with chicken. 

The chicken meat was the best I have ever tasted. My readers know I have been at many restaurants, so when I say something is the best, it is! Chicken breast meat light seasoned that melted in my mouth. The chef knows what he/she is doing in that kitchen. All my friends ordered food and I heard the same over and over. I love their food and great portion size. 

Halo’s Restaurant Bar is also known as Halo’s Restaurant Bar & Vero’s Banquet. 

I’ll be back again with more friends during the day for lunch. Halo’s Restaurant Bar is my new secret place to eat for some of the best Mexican and American foods. Thanks to the owner and staff! Helo’s Restaurant Bar also has takeout! 

You can learn more about them on the link below. Check them out and have some great tasting food at great prices.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Halos-Restaurant-Bar-106363427601377

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