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Part One “Parallel Waterfront” By Marsha Beede; Books to Read


Part One “Parallel Waterfront”

By Marsha Beede

#Books to Read

By Mitzi Beliveau


I like a good mystery, and I love Sci-fi Fiction stories. This book is both. I have read several books by this author and loved them all. First thing I will tell you, I did not expect the ending. It was a surprise. Down to earth reading with human feelings that we can all relate to. Opinions that sometimes we do not tell others about are written in this story about and shared by a woman whose husband is in a car accident.

I get pulled into the story and feel the woman Scarlett agony of her husband being in the hospital and in a coma. What is it like? What is happening in her life? What are the strange things going on? Is she nuts? I had all these questions and more as I read the book. Once I started to read it, I could not put it down. It is a short story, but a significant impact. I had to do a double take in my own life.

As in all of the Marsha Beede’s books, I can’t put them down once I start reading them. Marsha as her friends calls her has a second book to this series called Parallel Waterfront Part Two, “Storm Chaser” Available Soon! Marsha Beede gave me a sneak preview of Part Two of “Parallel Waterfront”. I have read this one too.

You can buy Part One “Parallel Waterfront” by Marsha Beede on the links below. You can choose ebooks or paperback books. I’m trying to talk the author Marsha Beede in doing a signing party, maybe at Barnes and Noble Book store. I would recommend this book for your collection and great reading.


Amazon link

Kindle Ebook link

Barnes and Noble eBook

Barnes and Noble Paperback Book


About the author Marsha Beede on Amazon

Homepage to Author and what books she has written.

Video on Parallel waterfront

Part Two, “Strom Chaser”



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